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Nancy Louisa DICKEY – was born in Harrison County, Ohio, and is a daughter of Wilson S. and Elizabeth (Riley) Dickey, the former born in Centers county, Pennsylvania, October 17, 1794, and died December 23, 1860; the latter was born February 11, 1802, in Washington county, Pennsylvania. They settled here March 9, 1832. Mr. Brice Henry Smith married Nancy Dickey in Harrison township, this county. Their children are: George R., born May 10, 1848, resides at Bladensburg, Ohio; Orlander W., August 18, 1851, died October 18, 1852; Viola A., May 2, 1854, resides in Ohio township; Willson R., November 26, 1856, resides at home; Margaret E., April 25, 1859, died September 23, 1861; Henry Mc., August 23, 1861, resides at home; Mary E., February 26, 1864, resides at home; Andrew J., April 26, 1866; William B., February 25, 1869, resides at home. Mr. Smith’s parents were married March 24, 1814, in this county. His father was in the war of 1812, most of the time along the Maumee river, and Mr. Brice Smith served his county during Morgan’s raid for about nineteen days, and helped to capture about eighty-two men at Oldtown and thirty at Crown City. Mrs. Nancy Riley, of Greenup county, Indiana, was born sixteen miles from Fort Duquesne, Washington county, Pennsylvania, February 20, 1778. She had a distinct recollection of seeing Washington and some of the generals of the revolutionary war. It was a rare treat to hear her relate her early recollections of Indian wars. Mr. Brice Smith’s postoffice [sic] address is Mercerville, Gallia county, Ohio.


Source: History of Gallia County - Publ.: H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago & Toledo - 1882


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Life of Nancy Louisa DICKEY






BIRTH: 19 DEC 1828 Township, City, Harrison County, Ohio, United States
DEATH: 7 APR 1907 Harrison Township, City, Gallia County, Ohio, United States
BURIAL:   Swan Creek Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Ohio Township, Gallia County, Ohio

Parents of Nancy Louisa DICKEY


Date of Birth


Location of Birth


William Smith DICKEY
17 OCT 1794 Center, Beaver, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth RILEY 11 FEB 1802 Washington, Pennsylvania

Spouse of Nancy Louisa DICKEY




Location of Wedding


Brice Henry SMITH 31 DEC 1846 Guyan Township, City, Gallia County, Ohio, United States

Family of Nancy Louisa DICKEY


Date of Birth


Location of Birth


George Riley 10 MAY 1848 (township), City, Gallia County, Ohio, United States
Orlander W. 1851 - 1852 (township), City, County, State, Country
Viola 1854 - 1945 (township), City, County, State, Country
Wilson Rolandus "Tad"
1856 - 1953 (township), City, County, State, Country
Margaret E. 1859 - 1861 (township), City, County, State, Country
Henry M C 1861 - 1951 (township), City, County, State, Country
Mary Elizan 1864 - 1945 (township), City, County, State, Country
Andrew Joseph 1866 - 1960 (township), City, County, State, Country
William Brice 1869 - 1945 (township), City, County, State, Country

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