Below is a list of all SMITH ancestors currently being researched along with their respective spouse. Clicking on any name will take you to that respective page space. Following the index is general SMITH-related trivia, and some analytical displays derived from individual presentations that are particular to this SMITH family. 


KIOUS, Esther Sabina 9 JUL 1920 27 DEC 1951 William Clark SMITH
KIOUS, Jacob Thomas 4 NOV 1860 21 JUN 1945 Laura Virginia KINCAID
KIOUS, Jacob Valentine Abt. 1794  2 NOV 1883 Susannah MILLER
KIOUS, James Fredrick 29 MAR 1885 16 DEC 1962 Virginia Susan GWINN
KIOUS, Valentine Jacob 1825 10 SEP 1875 Sarah Frances SKAGGS




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