Below is a list of all SMITH ancestors currently being researched along with their respective spouse. Clicking on any name will take you to that respective page space. Following the index is general SMITH-related trivia, and some analytical displays derived from individual presentations that are particular to this SMITH family. 



Date of Birth

Date of Death


SMITH, Brice Henry 27 JUN 1821 16 JUN 1896 Nancy Louisa DICKEY
SMITH, James 1745 28 NOV 1810 Cassandra TUCKER
SMITH, George Riley 10 MAY 1848 30 MAR 1939 Arabella KINDER
SMITH, George Tennyson 7 MAY 1876 31 JAN 1969 Carrie May SMALL
SMITH, John 12 OCT 1707 1776 Catherine HOWARTH
SMITH, William Clark 8 NOV 1919 12 SEP 1989 Esther Sabina KIOUS
SMITH, William Robert 15 AUG 1786 26 NOV 1849 Margaret WAUGH



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